Whistling Straits and Blackwolf Run w/ Director of Golf Mike O’Reilly | #23 and #95 of America's 100 Greatest Golf Courses

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Teddy and Higgy are thrilled to welcome to the show, Mike O’Reilly the Director of Golf Operations for Whistling Straits and Blackwolf Run and he has plenty to share about these incredible golf courses during his long tenure there. 

The Kohler owned property has hosted many major golf championships throughout the years, most notably Whistling Straits was the location for The Ryder Cup in 2021! A worldwide major sporting event that Mike was blessed to have spent a great deal of time preparing for and helping execute the unforgettable event. It was an amazing spectacle that none of us will forget any time soon!  

Mike was excited to share that they’ve recently made some updates to the golf courses as well. They’ve opened up a beautiful 10-hole, par 3 golf course and a fun 18-hole putting course. Both have been enjoyed by legions of players and have really opened up the number of activities available at the golf resort to engage in.

If you’ve been looking to play the golf courses at Blackwolf Run or Whistling Straits, you better book fast. They only have a few tee times left this year and have already opened up booking for 2023. 

Throughout our conversation, Mike shares his sage advice when attempting to play the golf course for the first time and reveals what to expect when you visit the area. Mike has a shared love of the game of golf, but more importantly, he loves the community that he lives & has worked in for over 25 years!

A fascinating conversation where both Teddy & Higgy learn quite a bit more about the Koehler organization which creates even more eagerness to get out to Wisconsin to play these amazing golf courses for the first time!

Show Notes:

[01:07] Welcome Mike O’Reilly, Director of Golf at Blackwolf Run and Whistling Straits. 

[02:16] Mike shares his experiences at Whistling Straits during and after The Ryder Cup. 

[04:07] How their relationship with the PGA was established and continues. 

[05:41] Has there been any talk of a U.S. Open at Whistling Straits? 

[07:25] Hear the history of Blackwolf Run and Whistling Straits. 

[09:29] They recently opened a 10-hole par three course and an 18-hole putting course.

[11:23] Are they booked up this year already? 

[12:40] Is it always windy there? Seems like the recent tournament stops were pretty windy.

[14:35] Mike shares the must-dos you have to participate in when you visit the area and resort. 

[16:50] Do they have a caddy program at their courses? 

[21:12] Over a 1000 bunkers on the course?

[22:42] Has Mike ever played a round without hitting a bunker? 

[24:58] What advice does Mike have for navigating the courses? 

[27:13] Does Teddy have a chance to reach when playing the tips? 

[30:48] Mike shares some of his favorite experiences while working at the courses. 

[33:03] Listen as Mike retells his history with the course.

[35:32] Ted and Higgy are looking forward to playing these courses. 

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