The Country Club w/ Director of Golf Brendan Walsh | #17 of America's 100 Greatest Golf Courses

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Teddy and Higgy are absolutely ecstatic to be able to share the conversation they had with Brendan Walsh, Director of Golf & Head PGA Professional for The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts! The Country Club will be hosting the fast approaching 2022 US Open! TCC is the oldest country club in the United States and one of the five founding golf clubs that started the United States Golf Association. 

The history of The Country Club is awe inspiring. When you walk onto the grounds, you can literally feel the history & almost see the legends of the game as you walk along the fairways, knowing that this hallowed ground & country club was instrumental in the development of golf as we know it in the U.S. and all throughout the entire world. It’s truly a magical feeling. 

In fact, some of the most important moments for the game of golf in the U.S. have happened at TCC. They hosted the historical 1913 U.S. Open, which was won by a local 20 year old amateur player named Francis Ouimet, who lived across the street & worked as a caddy at TCC! He beat golfing legends Harry Vardon and Ted Ray in an 18 hole playoff to win the 1913 US Open! His remarkable win sparked the golfing boom in the U.S. & changed the game forever.

Each of the three U.S. Opens hosted at The Country Club have resulted in a tie at the end of regulation play & required an 18 hole playoff to determine the winner. Legions of golf fans are excited to see if this tradition holds true for the 2022 US Open.

Despite being deep in preparations for the upcoming 2022 US Open, Brendan was able to find some time to share with us the history of TCC, his background in the game of golf, and why he’s so passionate about mentorship in both the game of golf & in the business of golf. 

This was a truly one-of-a-kind conversation for an amazing and historical golf course. If you’re as interested in the history of the game as Teddy and Higgy are, you won’t want to miss out on the details shared about this amazing golf course, from an absolute gentleman & great steward of the game of golf, Mr. Brendan Walsh!

Show Notes:

[01:20] Teddy and Higgy are super excited to be chatting with Brendan Walsh, Director of Golf at The Country Club.

[03:32] Higgy shares that The Country Club is preparing to host the 2022 U.S. Open. 

[05:58] Brendan provides a brief history of the club. 

[08:57] This is going to be the 17th U.S. PGA championship that they’ve hosted. 

[11:22] Every one of the Opens they’ve hosted has resulted in a playoff round to determine the winner. 

[14:05] They’ve hosted a record six national Amateurs. 

[17:04] It’s amazing that the membership at The Country Club is so open with their course. 

[18:11] How does the course change for championships?

[22:12] Learn more about how they incorporate holes in different championships. 

[25:07] Do they have member events that play the same tees? 

[27:32] Did he feel the pressure to perform with the ‘99 Ryder Cup in his second season at The Country Club. 

[28:56] Brendan shares who his mentors in the game have been. 

[33:30] One of the events they didn’t mention was the 2008 New England PGA Championships. 

[34:53] What did his father do in order to support 15 kids. 

[36:22] Did they have a golfing family? 

[37:25] Does he have a favorite golf course outside of his home club?

[38:53] One story that he’ll never forget during his time at The Country Club.

[41:36] Brendan’s advice for someone who’s never played the course.

[44:49] Some behind the scenes information about preparing for the 2022 US Open. 

[48:07] Listen as Brendan answers some rapidfire questions. 

[51:55] Last words from Brendan. 

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