Oak Tree National w/ Head PGA Professional Jon Sandell | #57 of America's 100 Greatest Golf Courses

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Oak Tree National’s Head PGA Professional Jon Sandell drops in to talk about this legendary golf course, its rich history, and its very long list of PGA Tour players who call it their home course! Through two renovations and countless tour events over the last 15 years, Jon has seen Oak Tree National evolve into a much beloved golf course that holds the attention of many past, present, & future PGA Tour Professionals.

As of the time of this recording, Oak Tree National is undergoing a massive renovation but it is slated to be ready to go by September 2022. The question has to be asked, will the renovations affect the difficulty of the course at all? 

Oak Tree National is one of the hardest golf courses in the country. It has the 3rd highest rating in the country at 79.5 & the slope is maxed out at 155! In fact, the renovations are set to return the course to its original design and likely increase the difficulty. 

Per Jon, the course is tough but fair. His best advice for first timers is to not take the course personally. Know that you have to be truly on your game and if you’re not, the course can take its toll on players sometimes.

Listen in to hear all about the rich history at Oak Tree National and why it’s such a special place to Jon and so many PGA Tour players!

Show Notes

[01:52] Welcome Jon Sandell, the Head PGA Professional at Oak Tree National. 

[02:40] Learn about the renovations happening at Oak Tree National.

[04:20] This is the second renovation they’ve gone through in the 15 years that Jon has been there. 

[06:00] Oak Tree National is one of the hardest courses in the nation. Learn more. 

[07:59] What was the purpose behind the difficulty level of the course? 

[10:26] They do a special event just for members each year in October.

[12:54] Hear a list of the PGA tour players that have come out of Oak Tree National. 

[15:25] Jon shares details about the pro scratch they each year. 

[17:49] Learn about the dramatic pro tour finishes the course has seen. 

[19:59] After playing the course in the 1984 US Amateur, Scott Verplank decided to stay.

[21:02] The pros who live on property are key to keeping the club growing. 

[24:38] Jon’s advice for first timers on the course. 

[26:49] Magic happened when Jon extended an invitation to Teddy to play the course. 

[28:58] What does the caddy program look like at Oak Tree National? 

[29:58] How far are they from Tulsa and Southern Hills?

[32:11] Hear one of the routes that Teddy planned at the beginning of this process. 

[34:59] One of Jon’s most special moments of his time at Oak Tree National. 

[38:05] Jon answers several rapid fire questions about golf. 

[41:16] Teddy and Higgy recap their conversation with Jon Sandell. 


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