Pebble Beach Golf Links w/ Head PGA Professional Eric Lippert | #8 of America's 100 Greatest Golf Courses

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Pebble Beach Golf Links is the #1 golf course in America that anyone can make a tee time at to play. This iconic public golf course is listed as a top ten golf course in America on nearly every publication’s list, and that is no accident. Pebble Beach is one of the most legendary golf courses on the planet! Listen in as Teddy and Higgy chat with Eric Lippert, the Head PGA Professional at Pebble Beach, who has worked for this incredible organization for nearly 20 years!

Eric started at Del Monte GC (where he held the course record of 60 for a number of years) and has spent time at all four golf courses at Pebble Beach. He has had a unique view to some of the most iconic tournament play in recent years and he has the stories to prove it. 

One of the things he’s most proud of during his tenure at Pebble Beach is the care and attention the staff delivers to each and every player, who gets the chance to play this incredible golf course. This is a bucket list golf course for nearly every golfer out there, and Eric’s staff are determined to make sure that all players & guests have an amazing experience!

Teddy, Higgy, and Eric talk about the unpredictable nature of Pacific Coast weather, how the course has fared over the years, the legendary golf tournaments & memorable shots that have taken place at Pebble Beach, and most critically, they ask Eric to share his advice for anyone playing the course for the first time. 

It is truly an experience to visit & play Pebble Beach and it’s one that Teddy has been dreaming about for years. He can’t wait to tee off & check it off his bucket list! (Higgy too if he’s able to make it in January 2023!) 

Listen in to the amazing stories Eric shares about his experiences as the Head PGA Professional at Pebble Beach!  This was an amazing conversation, and one that you won’t want to miss!

Show Notes

[01:09] Do you know any golfers who have a course bucket list that doesn’t include Pebble Beach Golf Links? 

[02:13] Welcome Eric Lippert, the Head PGA Professional at Pebble Beach Golf Links. 

[02:51] How do you get a tee time to play Pebble Beach and how far out do you need to plan? 

[04:29] Is there a better chance to play if you’re a single player walking up to the pro shop with no reservation? 

[06:28] Eric confirms the number of tournaments they’ve hosted through the years. 

[09:53] They breakdown various amazing shots that have happened in tournament play at the golf course. 

[11:26] Learn about Eric’s long history at Pebble Beach and his career. 

[12:33] He even held the course record for a while there. 

[16:04] How many courses are part of Pebble Beach? 

[21:20] The people who work at Pebble Beach take pride in the fact that it’s a national treasure. 

[23:06] Eric shares how he felt when he got the call to become the Head PGA Professional at Pebble Beach.

[26:17] The real role of a PGA Professional. 

[29:08] How have the oceanside holes fared over time with erosion? 

[30:46] Are they the longest hosting course for the PGA tour? 

[34:11] When do they start setting up for their PGA Tour events? 

[37:18] What advice does Eric give to first-time players at Pebble Beach? 

[40:31] How long does the average round take? 

[41:54] Eric shares his favorite time of the day to play the course. 

[43:28] Are there any memorable stories that stick out for Eric from his time working at the course?

[45:58] Plus a few more unique moments. 

[49:22] Ted and Higgy ask some rapid fire questions of Eric. 

[52:57] They say their farewells. 

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