The Quarry at La Quinta w/Director of Golf & Instruction Don Hurter | #85 of America's 100 Greatest Golf Courses



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Don Hurter has flourished in the golf business since he was a young man and has been the Head PGA Professional at a number of legendary golf courses. His time as the Director of Golf & Instruction for The Quarry at La Quinta has been wonderful. Don is very grateful to be able to spend his time at such a fantastic golf club. Listen in to hear more about his background and his insights for The Quarry at La Quinta. 

He had worked at a number of legendary golf courses as the head PGA professional and is also married to a former LPGA Tour player, whom he often caddied for during her playing career. His experience in the business of golf and his love of encouraging and empowering young golfers are just a couple reasons he was sought after to lead golf operations & instruction for The Quarry at La Quinta.

The guidelines of etiquette at The Quarry are a tad bit different than you’ll find at some other golf courses. The golf course is consistently ranked amongst all golf publications as one that is in the top 10 best conditioned golf courses each year. That’s not a coincidence. All of the members & their guests are encouraged to take an active role in keeping the golf course meticulously maintained.

Listen to Teddy, Higgy, and Don chat about the game of golf, the business of golf, and some of the unique aspects that make The Quarry at La Quinta stand out amongst other courses. The golf club has ranked in the top 100 since its inception in 1994 and Don has some interesting thoughts as to why that’s the case. 

Show Notes

[00:44] Welcome back everyone!

[02:28] Don Hurter, the head PGA Pro at the Quarry at La Quinta, shares how he started in the golf business and where he’s been a head professional. 

[05:16] Don talks about his time teaching with David Leadbetter. 

[08:01] Learn one of the things he’s implemented that he’s most proud of. 

[10:24] The Quarry @ La Quinta has been on America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses list since it’s inception in 1994. 

[12:03] Don shares the history of how it all came to be. 

[14:45] They even have an amazing 18-hole putting course. 

[17:16] Learn more about the impeccable conditions of the golf course, that are similar to Pine Valley & Augusta National conditions

[24:01] How does the no tee-time system work? 

[27:32] Learn more about Bill Morrow and how his spirit & vision are still influencing the club & golf course. 

[30:37] What’s his favorite part about working at The Quarry @ La Quinta and has he had any memorable moments? 

[34:03] Don shares how impressed he was with the research Mike and Teddy do for each episode. 

[36:58] Hear Don’s advice for first time players on the course. 

[38:05] Do they have a caddy program? 

[40:46] A quick recap of the conversation.

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