Pinehurst No. 2 w/ Head PGA Professional Ben Bridgers | #29 of America's Top 100 Greatest Golf Courses



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Teddy and Higgy are back this week to chat about the legendary, Donald Ross designed, Pinehurst No. 2! Joining them is the Director of Golf for The Pinehurst Resort, a North Carolina native, Mr. Ben Bridgers.

Pinehurst No. 2 is one of the most iconic golf courses in the country. They have hosted both the men’s and women’s US Open and more single golf championships than any other course in America. In fact, it is the first U.S. Open anchor site ever. 

The resort is absolutely gorgeous with sweeping views, perfectly manicured greens, and gorgeous accommodations. Not to mention the 11 different courses you can play while you stay. 

Over the last few years, there has been renewed energy put forth to return the greens to their original visage and as a result the resort overall has benefitted from the old world appeal. 

Listen as Ben shares insights about the courses, tips for people who’ve never been to Pinehurst, and details about what’s coming up next for the area. This is one of the most lauded public golf courses and Teddy (1st time) and Higgy (multiple times) cannot wait to play in 2023. 

Show Notes

[00:44] Welcome back to the show with Teddy and Higgy. 

[01:23] Ben Bridgers, the director of golf and operations at the Pinehurst Resort, joins us to chat about the course and all things golf. 

[03:09] Teddy shares his initial thoughts on the course and how photogenic it is. 

[05:07] Listen as Ben reminisces about his first few weeks on the job. 

[06:37] How many golf courses exist on the property? 

[09:37] We chat about the changes to the courses over the years. 

[12:38] They even have an 18 hole putting course.

[15:42] Learn more about the vision and passion for the future of the resort. 

[17:55] The typical order for playing the courses. 

[20:28] Ben shares some of the work that’s going into bringing the courses back to life. 

[22:50] We dig into the top ranked course on the property. 

[24:34] Listen as Ben lists out all the reasons Number 2 is the heart of the resort. 

[28:32] There’s difficulty levels for a wide range of golfers. 

[29:42] A review of the course by Jack Nicklaus. 

[30:45] How the aesthetic view of the course has changed over the years and is now back to the original vision. 

[33:17] The tribute to Payne Stewart’s Open win. 

[37:26] What happens if you birdie a par three on Number 2? 

[40:13] Upcoming championships that they’re hosting. 

[43:10] Thank you so much for your time Ben. 

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