LGOE Special Guest #3: Joel Jenkins cards 2 Hole in Ones during one round at Shadow Creek in Las Vegas!

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What qualifies someone for membership in The Luckiest Golfers On Earth Club? Well…for starters, you have to be lucky, in order to get lucky & Joel Jenkins, Head PGA Professional at Mount Pleasant Golf Club in Lowell, MA is certainly one lucky man, to the tune of 67,000,000 to 1! After a lifetime of doughnuts in the hole in one category, he managed to card not one, but TWO ACES in a single round at Shadow Creek in Las Vegas, NV. Listen in as he shares the incredible tale! 

It’s 2018, a beautiful November day, at the famed Shadow Creek. Higgy and Joel were both playing that day on different teams, at the traveling NEPGA Pro Am tournament. Unfortunately there had been some weather delays, so the tournament was off to a slow start. 

Once it finally got going, Joel was a tad concerned about his performance. Despite getting the coveted shotgun spot of starting at hole one, Joel came out of the gate bogey, bogey, bogey. Gratefully, things started to look up as he made par on #4, a brutal par 5. 

Joel would’ve never guessed walking to the tee at hole number five what was about to happen. And then it happened! He thought for sure he was long and even took his putter onto the green, because he absolutely didn’t think it was in the jar, even though all his boys were convinced he had holed it. As he walked up to the hole and peeked in, there sat his ball…and the celebration ensued!

He was in complete disbelief. His friends were making quite a ruckus and he gleefully joined in the festivities, but his mind was whirling!

Then at the turn, during lunch, he celebrated with a huge plate of all of his favorites. Dogs, burgers, sausages, the works! Stuffed to the rafters from lunch, he thought the second half of the day wasn’t going to go all that well, and thought who cares! The hole in one monkey is off my back finally after 35 years! The rest of this day is going to be a breeze…or so he thought!

He had already jarred it on number five, had a healthy lunch, then 8 holes later, threw it in the jar again at number 13!

Two ones, on the same card, at Shadow Creek!

Joel joined the ranks of a very, very small club of golfers that day. There are not many players who can say they have made two hole in ones, during one round of golf. Joel Jenkins is definitely one of the Luckiest Golfers On Earth and this story is one for the ages!

Show Notes

[00:44] Welcome back to the podcast. 

[01:36] Teddy and Mike chat about the elusive hole in one.  

[03:52] Learn the odds for making a hole in one. 

[05:04] Welcome Joel Jenkins, the Head Golf Professional at Mount Pleasant Golf Club and one of the Luckiest Golfers On Earth. 

[06:11] Listen as Joel shares his odds busting Pro Am performance at Shadow Creek. 

[09:32] Shadow Creek is a truly amazing experience. 

[12:28] At this point in his career, Joel didn’t have any holes in one. 

[14:45] Mike actually got to hear the commotion because he was playing that day too. 

[15:44] Then it got even better. Listen as Joel shares the rest of the story. 

[18:58] He was truly stunned when he walked up and saw his ball in the hole again. This time he got to share the moment with his daughter who was on the phone. 

[23:05] Joel shares how he felt the rest of the round and the day. 

[26:13] Learn some more stats from Coast to Coast Hole in One. 

[29:23] One of his other members, playing on another team got a hole in one that day, too. 

[31:26] Joel only has one regret from his performance on that fateful day.

[32:42] Did he go and try his luck at the casino that night? 

[33:56] He also got an amazing coffee table book from Shadow Creek detailing all the holes and the course design. 

[36:16] Were there drinks everywhere, coming from all fronts, because of the six hole in ones on the first day? 

[39:14] Joel’s thoughts on one of his amazing shots and the awesome things his buddies did to commemorate the day. 

[42:59] Here’s hoping Teddy and Joel are able to play a round of golf together. 

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