LGOE Special Guest #2: Greg Grunberg talks about his biggest stroke of luck in life!


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Ted and Mike are joined by Greg Grunberg, of Alias, Heroes, Lost, Star Trek, and Star Wars fame, to chat about golf, giving back, and the entire purpose behind this show. Greg is no stranger to raising awareness for important causes and his insights are invaluable. His suggestions & expertise are gratefully welcomed to help achieve the goals Ted and Mike have going into 2023. 

Listen in as they chat about Greg’s luckiest moment in life, why it’s important that caretakers receive recognition as well, and his thoughts on ways to spread this message even further. 

Greg has definitely had his share of luck in life, and his stories are incredible. Luck has often  been described as when opportunity meets preparation, and Greg certainly represents that. 

One of his absolutely luckiest moments in life happened the night he met his wife. He was out at a bar with a friend preparing to meet up with a couple of ladies who ended up standing them up. Then as luck would have it, across the bar, he saw the woman who was meant to be Mrs. Grunberg for the next 30 years!

But it all could have never happened had it not been for a single digit, one wrong number in a phone number, that would change Greg’s life forever.

They now have three adult sons, one of whom lives with epilepsy. Greg is now bringing awareness, not only to the epilepsy community as a whole, but also to those wonderful souls who take care of their loved ones who are living with chronic or life altering diseases, God bless the care givers!

Greg is a wonderful human being whom Ted is grateful to call a friend and someone who has been in his corner for many, many years. Greg has some amazing stories to share, a lot of wisdom and sage advice to impart, and Ted couldn’t be happier that he’s willing to help bring awareness to the GBS|CIDP Foundation International. 

Listen in to hear their entire conversation and have fun listening to all of his amazing stories. 

Show Notes

[00:44] Welcome back to the show folks. 

[02:49] Ted and Mike are joined by Greg Grunberg. 

[04:10] How Greg manufactured a bit of a golf course in his backyard. 

[07:11] The mini-course has definitely increased his short game skills. 

[09:27] His relationship with JJ Abrams and why it has been a stroke of luck. 

[11:54] One of Greg’s luckiest moments. 

[16:58] How he met his wife and all the ways their first meeting could have not happened.  

[20:08] Luck is where opportunity meets preparation. This applies to every endeavor. 

[21:24] Greg shares stories of driving for Joe Silver and it humanized some of his idols. 

[26:13] We all want to have moments where we can look back and say, “I did that!” 

[29:22] For Greg, the real life moments are so much more important than the auspices of Hollywood. 

[29:53] He provides ideas to Mike and Ted to elevate the cause behind this entire endeavor. 

[32:02] Learn more about The Caregiver Series.

[35:02] Why it’s important to take steps to take care of yourself as a caregiver. 

[36:48] What to expect on the next show and Greg’s idea of nominating lucky people to come onto the show next!

The Links

Luckiest Golfer On Earth official website: https://luckiestgolferonearth.com/

Ted’s Fundraiser to raise awareness and funding for GBS|CIDP Research: https://p2p.onecause.com/gbs-cidp-diy/ted-fenton


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