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Donald J. Ross designed golf courses have a special place in Teddy’s heart. His formative years of golf were spent on a few of Donald Ross’ courses, learning the game as a caddy at Worcester CC, then working as an assistant pro at Oakley CC and also a short time at Alamance CC in North Carolina. He’s super excited to talk with A.J. Sikula, the head PGA professional at Inverness Club! AJ joins Teddy and Mike to share about the lauded history of the club and gives keen insights into the course itself. 

Inverness Club was founded in 1903 by well endowed citizens of Toledo, OH. Just a few short years later in 1918, the course we know and love today was finished. The residents of Toledo wanted a championship caliber course and they certainly got one. 

The Ryder Cup was imagined & championed by the owner of Inverness Club, S.P. Jermain. Inverness Club members are very gracious and have a storied history of accommodation, having allowed golfing professionals in their clubhouse during the 1920 US Open, for the first time in history. 

A.J. made his way to Inverness Club when the director of golf personally called & asked him to join the team at Inverness. To say that Teddy and Mike were excited to get some time on A.J.’s calendar is certainly an understatement. 

Listen in as these three golf enthusiasts discuss the lauded history at Inverness, its exciting future, and how they can all consider themselves members of The Luckiest Golfers On Earth Club. The history of this extremely difficult course is truly fascinating and you won’t want to miss this deep dive!

Show Notes

[01:05] We’re talking about Inverness Club in Toledo, OH with A.J. Sikula, the head golf professional for the course. 

[03:00] Teddy shares his connection with Donald J. Ross and a bit about his history. 

[05:07] Learn more about A.J. and his experience. 

[09:48] A.J. shares his best number at Inverness. 

[12:41] The course has changed a little bit since it was designed because of course use and erosion. 

[13:56] Why do they give grandfather clocks as their prizes? 

[15:30] Who was responsible for creating the Ryder Cup?

[16:47] Ways their membership is known for being gracious hosts of big events. 

[21:29] Hear the story behind the permanent changes in the rules of overtime play due to a round at Inverness. 

[25:18] Does A.J. have any additional information about Byron Nelson being a head PGA professional at Inverness? 

[29:20] Mike shares a story about meeting Byron Nelson. 

[32:58] A.J. fully believes that he is one of the luckiest golfers on Earth. 

[36:10] Teddy and Mike recap the episode, the Inverness Club, and give a sneak peek of the next episode. 

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